Holding Memoriesย  Facilitator : Shanik Tanna

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Part 1 ย // Photo walk
July 27, 2024 ย (5-8pm)

Part 2 // Archiving
August 2, 2024 (6-9pm)

An immersive film photography workshop that explores the intersection of memory, identity, and collective storytelling. Through a unique blend of analog and digital techniques, we'll embark on a photowalk and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the spaces where memories reside.

Grounding, Photography

Guided Distractionsย Facilitator : Reza Nik

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Part 1 ย // Intro, Theory, Context

Part 2 // Collection

Part 3 // Poetic Play

Part 4 // Layered Imagining

Final Exhibition/Discussion

A 5-part module on experimental methodologies in various disciplines and their use in advancing critical and creative thoughts.

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Grounding, Methodology, Experimental Practicesย 

TBDFacilitator : Amina Lalor

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August 24, 2024 (4-9pm) - TBC
A workshop exploring Indigenous land-based pedagogies, deep observation, and inter-species relationships among our other-than-human kin.

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Grounding, Methodology, Mapping, Experiential


Facilitators: Dana Prieto, Dana Salama

May 12, 2024 (12-4pm)

A one-day workshop that introduces critical architectural and artistic processes to interpret sites, building awareness of human and more-than-human worlds.
Grounding, Mappingย